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No limit for hoaxes

Carefully followed the developments in the comments under the post of respected Artpetrov . To understand the situation and separate the lies from the truth, we had to pick up old documents and the history of the messages of our administrators.

Shortly after the launch of API 2.0 in the summer of 2009, two moderators of VKontakte found a bug in the system, using which they managed to steal a large number of votes. Both were demoted, voices returned. The message of Alexey Bogatov, at that time the head of the moderating team, put an end to this story:

The author of the post “ There’s no limit to VKontakte, ” seems to have forgotten the context - or found it insufficiently modern (as indirectly indicated by the changed date).

Stub applications and moderator correctness

Since the beginning of this summer, we provide advertisers with the opportunity to place advertising applications. Such applications, due to their specificity, require a number of exceptions to the general rules (the very fact of advertising, the use of external links). These exceptions are listed in the Advertising Application Policy . The exception to clause 10 of the main rules was taken for granted (the advertising application is essentially an interactive banner) and was not taken into account in the original wording. Today we have corrected this misunderstanding.

To exclude the possibility of abuse, communication with moderators on the approval of applications occurs anonymously, directly through the appropriate interface. Comments and questions can and should be left right there. If the “moderators” appeal to you through personal messages, this is either fraud or a gross violation of the instructions.
You can inform the press service at any time about any facts of extortion of money or incorrect statements by the administration: . The response to letters with the themes “extortion” or “incorrect treatment” will be very fast.

Withdrawing money through Robox

About the withdrawal of money for individuals through Robox, our financial director Igor Perekopsky has repeatedly written in the development club . For those who do not have access to the club, we publish its explanations here:
  1. Users pay for votes from 6.7 to 10 rubles, it depends on the method of account replenishment and this amount includes VAT;
  2. After deducting the commission (which in the case of SMS is 40%, and with some operators and more), the company VKontakte receives a little less than 6.4 rubles, including VAT. We round this amount to 6.4 and give half to developers;
  3. From 6.4 rub. developers (by direct agreement with us), receive 3.2 rubles. (including VAT). Of this money, both parties pay VAT. And we, and the developers remains at 2.71 rubles. If both parties are on the general taxation system, each pays a 20% tax on this amount. Both with us and with developers with direct contracts, as a result, we have 2.17 rubles each. with voice. This is by the way that we take too much for ourselves;
  4. If you work through ROBOX, the situation is as follows. If the developer is on a common tax system, ROBOX pays him 3 rubles. with VAT and takes a commission of 20 kopecks. VAT included. After payment of VAT and income tax (20%), such a developer remains 2.03 rubles. net income;
  5. If the developer on the simplified taxation system (and is a legal entity), he receives 2.54 rubles, since he is not a VAT payer, we pay VAT for him in this case. Further, the developer pays VAT on this amount - 6%. 2.39 rubles left with voice. This is the most profitable scheme for developers with low speeds.
  6. If the developer is an individual, then of course he is not a VAT payer and receives 2.54 rubles from ROBOX. less 13% of income tax. NDFL (13%) for such developers pays ROBOX. It remains 2.21 rubles.
Comment by Robox in the previous post .

We meet developers

Perhaps not as fast as anyone would like, but:
By the way, now Oleg brainfucker is engaged in the complete processing of the " Developers " section, including interfaces and documentation texts.

Some subsections are still awaiting filling. Wishes can be sent to Oleg in habraposhta.

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