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Intel Software Partner: how to develop software with Intel?

I warn you honestly and immediately: this post will be of interest primarily to those who develop a variety of software, and who are interested in testing their product to optimize the work with modern hardware at the very early stages of development. That is, of course, I do not exclude that the text may also be useful for general development, but if not, you were warned :)

Probably, there is no special need to talk about how rapidly the number of cores in modern processors grows, and how pleasant it is for users when applications use them to the maximum. Well, or about how many people play on the integrated graphics solutions from Intel. Nevertheless, many developers continue to operate methods of the times when the cores in the processors were large and lived exclusively on their own. Of course, people do not do this out of principle. It’s just not always clear where to start, how to calculate weaknesses in optimization, what exactly needs to be worked out to properly use a multi-core processor. There are really a lot of questions, not only for processors - there is a lot of work to be done in the field of 3D graphics, in working with video, and testing the functionality of various management software. Finally, a new trend has arisen: optimizing the energy consumption of programs so that they help extend the battery life of netbooks, laptops, and then smartphones on the Intel Atom.

Intel Software Partner
For those who think about such things, the Intel Software Patner program was created.

You can register for free, and it will take five minutes to complete this process, even if you think about each item of the questionnaire thoroughly. Of course, the very fact of registering with the Intel Software Partner will not make the programs you are working on better and faster. But it will immediately provide access to five very effective tools for evaluating software , helping to identify the strengths and weaknesses of applications, speed up optimization and, very importantly, get advice from Intel experts who know more about their products than anyone else. Plus, most of the representatives of the five are able to evaluate the application and issue a report on it on the basis of only a 30-second study.

Intel Software Partner

The first tool is called Intel Concurrency Checker, and it is designed to assess the performance of an application on multi-core processors. You can immediately download and install it on your computer (there are versions for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, as well as for Linux), but it's better, probably, first download the most detailed instructions in Russian , watch the Checker video review , equipped with Russian subtitles, or even download a webinar . The launch, and in thirty seconds you will find out how many cores were actually used by the application and how intensively, if parallel processes did not interfere with each other, and if they interfered, then to what extent. Concurrency Checker creates a file with a report that is to be downloaded to the Intel server (of course, with a guarantee of non-proliferation of the received data), because in response you will receive additional information about the results of the assessment and a list of recommended code optimizations. Intel recommends that you start testing applications at the earliest stage of development, and then resort to it after each modification of the code.

Intel Software Partner

The second tool is Intel Graphics Checker. Probably, all are differently related to integrated graphics solutions from Intel, but the developer of three-dimensional games cannot neglect the fact that they account for more than 50% of the market. Therefore, the likelihood of launching his brainchild on Intel HD or GMA 3150, to put it mildly, is great. Of course, there are games that do not even work on the integrated graphics, but such a minority. All the rest will probably be useful to test for suitability for relatively weak systems - after all, their owners also want to play, and sales are not too big. The algorithm for working with Intel Graphics Checker is the same: instruction , video , installation of the utility itself and - launch! It is only important not to forget to choose the genre of the game for additional accuracy of conclusions. It should be noted that after 30 seconds you will learn relatively little useful, and the most interesting is waiting after uploading the report to the Intel server, where you along with additional nuances of the report will also receive recommendations on how to optimize the code. Assessing what and how, you can modify the game, so that it works at an acceptable speed even on the integrated graphics. Thank you for the optimization will say the owners of budget laptops, and guys with large powerful computers, which also "will be faster."

Intel Software Partner

The third representative of the five, Intel Media Checker, is responsible for “evaluating applications based on the Intel Media SDK for encoding, decoding or preprocessing formatted WMV, H.264 or MPEG-2 video streams”. For the uninitiated, this verbal construction sounds rather abstract, but in fact the Intel Media SDK library is very popular and is used, for example, in the Media Player Classic player installed, it seems, on half of the computers in the world. The library helps the player to hardware-decode HD-video by means of the integrated graphics adapter Intel, and, probably, will be useful in similar products, as well as in all multimedia applications, sharpened by working with video content. Including, of course, in games. In this case, the principle of using the utility is the same, and even its interface is very similar. This is correct: the whole five solves a very specific set of tasks, and, having mastered one utility, the specialist will be able to work with others without unnecessary downtime. The instruction , the training video , thirty seconds to collect data, and now you can see whether the hardware decoding works or the graphics chip rested, and the processor worked instead. Again, it makes sense to send a report to Intel to get more detailed information and useful recommendations on how to optimize the code, if necessary.

Intel Software Partner

Intel Manageability Checker is a utility that stands out a bit because it is intended primarily for applications used not at home, but at work. The manual says that it is “an easy-to-use tool that offers an affordable way to record and identify Intel AMT packets, as well as a function to compare them with examples of using Intel AMT technology.” It is probably worthwhile to clarify that Intel Active Management Technology ( Intel AMT ) is the functionality built into the Intel platform, which extends the management capabilities of corporate computing systems. It is processor-independent, and even the operating system installed on the computer does not matter. But to use Manageability Checker, you need a system with vPro technology support. More precisely, the utility itself will work on any system where a Core 2 Duo or older processor is installed, but it will act as a management console, and you should install the application under test on it. A computer with a vPro is needed to check how AMT packets go in both directions. Both systems must be on the same network. The paragraph about this utility is somewhat heavy, but nothing can be done: the development of solutions for corporate purposes is a very harsh occupation, but also quite profitable. Especially if the result justifies the expectations placed on it. Intel Manageability Checker is extremely helpful. Just in case, I’ll clarify that the utility also creates a report that is sent to Intel for more information and useful tips.

Intel Software Partner

Finally, the fifth tool that became available just a few days ago is the Intel Power Checker. It is designed to study the power consumption of applications in operation and idle mode, as well as their behavior in a situation where the battery charge becomes critically low. In theory, the utility is designed primarily for software developers , sharpened by the Intel Atom , but given the all-pervading "greenness", a few watts saved will benefit advertising and quite stationary applications. However, the latter is already the author’s thoughts, while Intel insists on the mobile specifics of the tool, and it can only be officially installed on a laptop or netbook. Upon completion of the tests, which will take about 30 minutes this time (the battery will not do for a second), Power Checker will show an interesting set of information on the power consumption of the application, and, as usual, it will be useful to upload the report to the Intel server.

I specifically do not want to talk about things that are waiting for developers after uploading the report to the website of the Intel Software Partner program. Just because those who (yet?) Are not engaged in the development of software, it will not be very interesting. Those who are engaged and try - certainly will not regret. I do not want to interfere with making all the useful discoveries on my own. Only one thing I can not mention: there is an opportunity to see - and what about the other participants in the program? Of course, no one will surrender the names and appearances (as well as yours will remain a secret for everyone), but statistics, you see, are in themselves entertaining.

As befits a good affiliate program, the Intel Software Partner has several levels , from basic to platinum. As you gain experience in optimizing the software, a personal manager will appear (nice, but the support service will respond very quickly), you will be able to place the participant’s logo on the disc packaging and the website (checked - it helps), and eventually you will go to meetings with business colleagues and Intel experts in temperate countries.

Intel Software Partner

By the way, about meetings with colleagues. Speaking about the program Intel Software Partner, one can not forget about the developer community Intel Software Network. In the ISN forum, you can always discuss your questions with colleagues and Intel specialists, and read blogs about interesting cases related to software and hardware, new trends, ISN events and many other things. I understand well that the readers of this blog have already heard about ISN a hundred times, and many of these reminders are annoyed. It is a little reassuring that I have not yet made such a call, and I will not repeat from now on :) I promise.

But back to where we started. This post may grow to a dozen more screens, but it still will not describe all the features provided by the Intel Software Partner Program. Honestly, the meticulousness (or, if you will, thoroughness) of people from Intel is simply amazing: along with software tools, a fair amount of others appear - economic, managerial and almost psychological (like you, for example, having an interview template with potential customers?) . That is, it is clear that a good (and properly optimized) product can sell itself, but if you help it a little ...

Planning resources, the Intel Partner Library, Intel product plans, marketing materials — come in, see for yourself , since access is completely free. And do not try to suspect Intel of altruism: of course, the corporation really wants the software to make the most of its hardware solutions, because it contributes to sales. But at the same time, the hardware of Intel is so common that an optimized program for it will find happier users much easier than a non-working one. Such a win-win is obtained if we use the terminology of Western negotiators.

Perhaps those who are seriously engaged in programming, know that this is not just a job. Rather, a peculiar blend of business and lifestyle. And therefore, always, even during the harsh time pressure, the desire to make your child faster, more modern, "easier" does not disappear. Of course, in the summer, and even as it is this year, I don’t really want to perform extra movements and experiment with unfamiliar instruments. And yet, if you are a developer, try what is offered in the framework of the Intel Software Partner, without delay in the fall. True, the result can greatly exceed the effort.

And, perhaps, these and other Intel tools will help to achieve much, much bigger.

Intel Software Partner

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