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Do you know that 05.wmv and 06.wmv are prohibited by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation?

Today, by chance, once again hit the famous Federal list of extremist materials of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation . In addition to the book of A. Hitler “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) (the decision of the Kirovsky District Court of Ufa, dated March 24, 2010, was forbidden) and a whole pile of books by Ron Habard there were many very interesting prohibitions:

Found in Kolchanov Andrei Vladimirovich at the address: Tomsk, ul. Nakhimov, 20-84 files: discography.dos; collage 2.jpg collage 3.jpg; collage4.jpg; collage5.jpg; collage6.jpg; collage7.jpg; 0sehme7w3 lr4.wmv; Ol.wmv; 02.wmv; 03.wmv; 04.wmv; 5 to 5.avi; 05.wmv; 06.wmv; 07.wmv; 08.wmv; 09.wmv; 10.wmv; 11 .avi; 12.wmv; 13.wmv; 14.wmv; 15.wmv; 16.wmv; 17.wmv; 18.wmv; 19.wmv; 20.wmv; 21.wmv; 22.wmv; 23.avi; 24.wmv; 25.avi; 26.wmv; 27.wmv; 28.wmv; 29.wmv; 30.wmv; 31.wmv; 20070224.wmv; borbaROAl8.wmv

So the owners of 05.wmv and 06.wmv beware. Maybe you already left.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100502/

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