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Sony Media Go: monstrosity, even during installation

About a year has passed since the advent of the iTunes-like application from Sony. Users are advised no more than software to manage the psp and client for the PlayStation Store.
There are few requirements for the application, it gives too much and more ... it is monstrous, it has quite good system requirements for software and works only under certain operating systems (you have already wondered under some), after observing a number of conditions.
In principle, everything is said.
But I will try to give some explanations. .

Let's start

It is quite logical that such an animal will not be launched under any reason, not under Windows , do not even try. It proves at least the installation under these - specifically took the parent netbook, clamped the down arrow and in the rough chose dusty windows xp. Wai-Wai turned it off, flooded it with an external hard installer, and it started ... the installation took about 40 minutes.

System Requirements of one Windows are not limited


The distributive of this product weighs 90+ meters, with:
  1. Installs Visual C ++ 2006 Redistributable
  2. Installs Visual C ++ 2008 (or 2009, no longer remember) Redistributable
  3. Tries to download and install WMF (windows media formats chtoli ...), you have to download (it will not start without it) - +12 meters to the distribution kit
  4. Similarly with .net framework 2.0 (+ 23 meters) - you have to download and install, plus when choosing a non-English locale - it requires the localization package .net framework (+2 meters, you can set English and switch the language to Russian in Media Go itself)
  5. Requires QuickTime - (I don’t know how much it weighs), took iTunes from the disk that came with the iPod and delivered it to the machine
  6. Puts the flash

What do we get?

As a result, we get one such iTunes from sony.

What would the user want

Everything is good, but I and many users just need an application for pc, which:


Well, or open the web-version and give cross-platform software to download your drm-content (for which I still paid the money) on the device.
By the way, before the advent of the “native” ps-store for psp, the web-version of the store was available. There it was possible to download the encoded content and, with the help of a separate utility (which, by the way, is put with the media go during installation), uploaded to the device.
This utility was and is pure-Windows, its “page” is still on the site psn usa.

Question to me, users and Sony

Why make monsters when you can make a normal, lightweight application that performs a certain set of actions necessary for users?

Probably only Sony knows ....

PS Habré has an overview of Sony Media Go

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100501/

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