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CIA and Google are investing in a company that has developed a web-monitoring system for people and events.


In general, a bit long heading, but it fully reflects the event described. The fact is that, indeed, Google and the CIA invested in a company that is developing a real-time data monitoring system on the web. Currently, the system is already running, and thousands of web resources and user accounts for them are analyzed every day. The data is analyzed for a reason, and in order to identify the links between different personalities, events, accidents and other things. Interestingly, the service is designed so that it can track even very implicit connections between people, events, and incidents.

The monitoring service developed by Recorded Future possesses a non-linear algorithm and can even identify a certain circle of persons who are involved in an incident. The most interesting thing is that it helps to predict the course of development of a particular event. The CIA and Google found such a monitoring service so interesting that both organizations invested $ 10 million each. At the same time, the board of directors of Recorded Future includes representatives of both organizations.
The CIA, as well as Google, have long been engaged in research of publicly available data and the ability to identify links between known events and people. For example, sometimes a very difficult problem can be solved after analyzing publicly available data.

And the monitoring service developed by Recorded Future helps to find the necessary information, highlighting individual events, people and events that are mentioned on various resources. Immediately after isolating the primary data, there is a “spatial and temporal” analysis of the event, event, which makes it possible to establish truly implicit connections, and even predict the course of events. For the analysis, the recently developed algorithms with elements of artificial intelligence are used.

To date, more than 100 million events have been analyzed. The results of data processing are stored on servers of the company Amazon - Recorded Future uses the "cloud" service offered by this company. Experts believe that the company can use the data for various purposes, including intelligence. It is clear that for the CIA it is a bonanza, and literally. Well, Google - a huge corporation also does not interfere with this technology, right?

Generally speaking, a bunch of Google-CIA looks strange. Of course, this may also be casual cooperation, due to the interest of both organizations in the same technology - after all, both organizations will use this monitoring system with a different purpose (well, I want to think so). And the service offered by Recorded Future is really very entertaining.

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