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Happy sys admin!


In some time zones of Russia, the sysadmin day has already arrived, so why not start celebrating now? We tried to seriously approach this day - with all the responsibility and creativity that the team found. Especially for this day, the visual design and image of a meditating system administrator was developed. But first things first.

Twitter blocks

Today on the main page of the TechNet site congratulations on the sysadmin day will be broadcast:
If you want to congratulate your friends and colleagues - use the hash tag #mssysadminday


These are the lucky ones some lucky ones will get:
The authors of the three best greetings in the comments will be in their number.


With this cake, I will go to a rally in Kaluga:
Who will be in Kaluga - great!

The job of the admin is both dangerous and difficult. Unfortunately, his work is rarely assessed according to merit, and even do not notice at all when all systems work stably. I wish you well-deserved recognition and long uptime!

UPD. I apologize for the late announcement of the holders of tambourines: force , mezya , aisergeev , Shafeev . If someone offended - I apologize. Write me in "lichku", discuss.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100491/

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