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Need advice on choosing a CMS for the site of the shopping complex

I know that Habr is not a forum and therefore I ask this question in my personal blog.

So, there will be many pages of information and each tenant (there are hundreds) will have their own page on which he can post a photo of several of his goods in the form of a small photo gallery.

1. Ease of user experience with the system (user-friendly interface, etc.) - tenants of kettles. They should have access only to their page and their photo gallery.
2. Different user rights to different CMS modules and content pages
3. The system documentation is complete and understandable for users and developers;
4. CMS should be lively: regularly updated. The update itself is simple
5. Reliability and safety of the system
6. Popular, many developers, open source. The possibility of developing additional modules to the system;
7. Scalability. Simple upgrade with preservation of functionality and data.
8. Resistance to stress
9. In the future, there will be a total huge database with goods from all tenants. For the integration and serviceability of the planned use of technology Microsoft. MS SQL, ASP.NET. CMS will either be connected to it or goods will be stored directly in the CMS.
10. Caching pages, directories, css, javascript
11. The ability to create a local copy of the site.
12. Built-in backup mechanism.
13. Reviewing content changes before posting them to the site.
14. Site management only by http without using ftp
15. Ability to refine the site in terms of functionality (for example, embed another news feed, add a forum, etc.) without the participation of CMS developers.
16. Any content changes can be rolled back to the previous version to protect against human errors.
17. The page editor should support automatic tag cleaning when pasting from MSWord or Excel. Automatically transfer images and files to the site when copying information from MSWord or from other sites without additional actions.
18. Wherever the insertion of links is required, it should be possible, in addition to manually entering the page address, to use a page selection from the site structure or a file from the library.
19. In the administration interface there should be no functions related to the system settings of the site. Ideal is nothing superfluous, nothing incomprehensible to the user.
20. Formation of the response headers with the indication of the correct length (content-length) and the date of the page modification (last-modified).

Thank you in advance at least for reading this!


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