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Provider Komsomolsk-on-Amur refuses to block YouTube

Provider “Rosnet” filed an appeal against the decision to restrict access to sites and is not going to block access to YouTube (as well as lib.rus.ec, thelib.ru, zhurnal.ru, web.archive.org) until the court’s decision enters into validity.
The judge perekoverkala in his decision sites that were in the statement of claim, wrote the wrong letters, and this already speaks of incompetence in this regard

declared on the air of Echo of Moscow, the president of RA RTS Rosnet, Alexander Yermakov.

Expressed his "fi" and Google. Alla Zabrovskaya, Google PR Director for Russia:
We believe that the decision of the Central Court of Komsomolsk-on-Amur is contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in particular, Article 29. The court decision restricts access not to individual videos, but to the entire site. Thus, users are restricted in accessing information. It is worth noting that YouTube has a lot of content. Including, there is also a channel of the president of Russia

See www.gazeta.ru/news/business/2010/07/28/n_1526460.shtml korrespondent.net/tech/technews/1101460


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