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DELL servers of the latest generation

At the end of spring, we launched a batch of new DELL servers. New generation servers are characterized by increased performance, low power consumption and heat dissipation. In addition, the servers are very compact, which allows you to place a larger number of servers in one rack.

In the few months that have passed since the introduction, we have seen the excellent work of the new equipment and now we want to talk about servers in more detail.

Dell Power Edge R210

It is used in Rusonix as the main server for leasing (dedicated).
Used configuration:

R210 is the most cost-effective model, but not at the expense of quality: there is nothing superfluous in the server, there are no “ryushechek”. But there is everything you need for a long and stable work.
The server is small but powerful: one processor with four cores, a large cache, a lot of memory.
The cooling system is well thought out, allowing even such a small case to be cooled very efficiently.
The SATA interface allows you to install up to two large-volume disks, the RAID controller operates in the mirroring mode.
There is DRAC6 Enterprise (built-in KVM), which allows you to have permanent remote access to the server, physically reboot, turn on and off the server, change BIOS settings, reinstall the OS, etc., without using the services of a data center.

Dell Power Edge R610

It is used to serve virtual (shared) hosting and VPS-DDS tariffs. In addition, we rent these servers to host resource-intensive sites and services.
Used configuration:

R610 is the top DELL model in 1U class servers.

Two processors, eight cores + hyper threading technology give up to sixteen processor threads.
Two hot-swappable power supplies, both allow you to control network power consumption.
Six 2.5 "disks with SAS interface, RAID controller PERC 6i, in RAID10 mode, - provide a large amount of disk space and a very high speed of the disk array.
Installed DRAC6 Enterprise (KVM) for full remote server management.
On the front panel of the server there is an indicator in the form of a running line that allows you to visually monitor the status of the server. In case of failure of any components, the server self-monitoring system will switch the indicator color from blue to yellow and give information about the problem to it. In an emergency, this will immediately diagnose the problem and quickly replace the faulty part of the server.
Four gigabit embedded network cards make it possible to physically switch the server to different networks, or, if necessary, to increase the connection bandwidth on it several times.

Some photos from our site (clickable):

1. General view of the rack
New DELL servers in Rusonix

2. We get one of the servers R610
New DELL servers in Rusonix

3. Open, look :)
New DELL R610 servers in Rusonix

4. Another view, here you can better see how the server cooling system is built.
New DELL R610 servers in Rusonix

We are very pleased with the results of the introduction of new servers. Some of the servers went to replace outdated equipment, the rest are used to host new customers. Thanks to them, we were able to launch a new line of VPS and DDS tariffs with increased resources and lower prices.

Thanks for attention!

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