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English Sounds for Starcraft II


For owners of Russian identification keys, it is possible to play with English sound. Under the cat presented an informal way.

A couple of days ago, the long-awaited StarCraft 2 was released. I was one of those who managed to get the game on Monday evening. There was no limit to joy, but after playing a little, I realized that something was not right. The picture is fascinating, but the sound is not native. Localizers, of course, well done, worked hard for the glory. But. Most people who played the first Starcraft still dealt with the English versions and the English voice acting. “You must construct additional pilons”, “Our forces are under atack”, “Nuclear launch detected” - sounds that have passed more than one year of life.
I have purchased a version for 999 rebels, with a year of subscription. In her choice of language is not possible. Search the forums did not lead to anything good. On the official website, a Blizzard associate gave the following answer to questions on language change:
“The only language available for Russian identification keys is Russian. If you want to try the game in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Polish - you will need to purchase a European identification key ”( proof ).

It is a pity that we were deprived of the right to choose. For some reason, I'm not going to buy the European version of the game, but I want to hear sound. My friend (not on Habré) suggested his own way to solve this problem:

If you want to play a Russian license with English sound, you need to do the following:
1. In order to have screensavers with English sound, take files from the English version:
\ Starcraft II \ Campaigns \ Liberty.SC2Campaign \ enGB.SC2Assets
\ Starcraft II \ Campaigns \ Liberty.SC2Campaign \ enGB.SC2Data

2. Sounds of units:
\ Starcraft II \ Mods \ Liberty.SC2Mod \ enGB.SC2Assets
\ Starcraft II \ Mods \ Liberty.SC2Mod \ enGB.SC2Data

Instead of enGB in the file name can be enUS, in any case, change to ruRU and substitute the Russian version. Do not forget to backup before replacing files.

English sound files can be obtained in the following ways.
1. Find an English client through torrent trackers.
2. Download only sound files .

Silencer thanks for solving the problem.

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Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100473/

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