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Get acquainted: REEM-H2 - the robot-porter


Robotics is quite a popular topic not only on Habré, but also on the Web in general. Now it seems that new types of robots (not industrial) are created literally every day. Either robots-cosmonauts, or robots are carriers of beer. In general, there are more beautiful and different robots, all of which are gradually being improved, becoming more and more functional. This time, Pal Robotics distinguished itself by introducing the new robot-doorman REEM-H2. According to the developers, this robot will be a great helper in hotels, museums and office complexes.

Remembering what problems AZIMO had, the developers did not “screw” REEM-H2. It moves on quite a stable wheeled chassis. As always in such cases, the robot was made anthropomorphic, that is, similar to a human being. He has a "face", there are hands, there is a neck. In general, there is a great similarity with man. The function of the eye on the "face" is performed by two cameras with a stereoscopic effect. Thanks to its “eyes”, the robot can recognize faces, the developers have created special software for this. In addition, REEM-H1 has a speech recognition function, and the developers have tried to “tie” several languages ​​at once. It seems that problems with recognition should not arise.
By the way, REEM-H1 can also estimate the distance to the obstacles, because it was also equipped with a laser rangefinder and an ultrasonic sensor. I note that on a single battery charge, the robot porter will be able to work 8 hours. In principle, just enough for a working day. It seems that in the same museums where you have to always move along the same route, telling the same thing, this robot will be the perfect guide-guide. It would be nice to use this robot in large offices, to meet guests, or in hospitals. By the way, the luggage compartment is also built into the chassis, in which you can put quite bulky items. It is not clear whether the robot itself can reach there. The robot can carry loads weighing up to 30 kg in the luggage compartment, and a load of 3 kg for each hand. Its speed is 4 kilometers per hour, quite a human speed. The “height” of the robot is also quite human - 1.7 m.

A PC based on Core 2 Duo + ATOM is used as hardware for controlling the robot. And yes, the robot has 22 degrees of freedom.

In general, REEM-H2 is a master of all trades. It is a pity that all this is known from the words of the developers, so far there are several photos available. I could not find a video from REEM-H2. Perhaps I was looking bad?

Here is the site of manufacturers.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100470/

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