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Free blog design for interesting people of different professions!

I want to abstract a little from customers who pay money or do not pay for the design of websites, blogs, online stores, promotional pages, widgets, icons, pictures and so on. I want to draw as before and not to take money for it. But there is one condition: it is that I am ready to draw once a month, one individual blog design for a person whose story is about myself, whose life principles and hobbies I like!
For this, I am ready to chat and read “stories about myself” of interesting people! As well as with customers, I am ready to familiarize myself with the “brief”, wishes, regarding design, but always the last word in the final design will be mine!

No copyright will remain with me, only if the link to my blog (http://webstandart.info/), or simply “designer Ksyush Bleskin”
From August 1 to August 15 (and so every month) I will wait for a letter with stories about myself to the freeblogdesign mail at yandex.ru, be sure to leave contacts for contact.
All the layouts I will publish in my blog.


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