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Lawlessness there is no limit VKontakte

Everyone knows that in the eyes of some administrators, the user of VKontakte is a special kind - defenseless cattle. You can also come up with hangovers or a bad mood “to resolve everybody” - to ban hundreds of pages forever. But it's not even about that - I want to talk about the heavy burden of application developers ...

It would seem that excellent minds: coders, designers and advertisers should fight for the site user, generating an improvement in the final product. In fact, as the large application developer Vahe Yeremyan says, " ... there is no progress. If you look at the top 20 applications, it has not changed much in the last 5 months "

The reality is deplorable - the developers do not fight for users, but for the right to work and live. The administration of the resource, crept behind imperceptibly, quite successfully fights. And, you know, squeals in ecstasy. From impunity, I guess. “Losers have whined” - you think. But no, I'll pour out the facts.

1. New rules as a way to make money.
The resource loves to rebuild its laws without warning the developers (applications). Caring for users? No desire to cash in.
Somehow, I made an application, filled it up, picked up a server, went on vacation for a couple of days, I come in - it is blocked. There was a new rule, but I did not have a regular psychic to foresee all the jumps. But there is a way out! You can buy permission to violate any rule. Here is what Site Administrator M. Zarzhitsky ( ma_X_on ) reports in the official development team (VK / club9713780):


It is true that “I made the rules, I’ll break them” - see the 10th paragraph.


2. Predictable lack of guarantees.
Does top management know about this? Probably yes. I. possibly covers bribe takers. Surely, having no share from this.
If you are not a very large developer, even “having fallen off on a hairy paw” you can (and you will!) Throw it - take the money, block the application, deprive all the posts occupied on the site and say that you have stolen the money image

3. Earned? Give it back!
Take yourself earned - the problem. We need a special contract on enslaving conditions and the status of legal. faces. PI and nat. face go to "Roboks" - about him below.
Some numbers: you need to accumulate 30,000, and get 15,000 votes a month. For those who do not know: 1 vote is equal to 6.4 rubles, and 30,000 votes = 192,000 Russian rubles, 15.000 - 96,000 rubles. Well, where does a novice developer go straight to such heights? But still need servers, advertising. And all in parallel - the time for singles is over.

Now about Robox. He allows to deduce voices nat. persons, and those whose turnovers are not so heavenly. Do you know the price of one voice? Not higher than 2.4 rubles, and sometimes significantly lower. Robbery? Reality! The difference may be “sawing” among themselves in the administration of the site and Robox. Moreover, the application of Robox itself works buggy: there were situations when it “ate” voices, giving back a donut hole in response. In technical support of the site and Robox, they refrained from commenting.

The refutation of this article is here .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100446/

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