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Opera 10.61 RC1

image Opera 10.61 Release Candidate Released

Many important bugs fixed, including:

CORE-29377 (Widgets did not work in some cases)
CORE-29887 (Falling on qq.com)
CORE-30690 (Storing data in memory when closing a page with the onload property set)
CORE-31141 (Opening binary files as text)
CORE-31269 (Falling on Canvas demo)
CORE-31379 (Printing after preview results in incorrect page display)
CORE-31426 (Lack of network access for widgets after their restart)

DSK-298346 (Disappearance of the elements of the launch pad)
DSK-307788 (Non-working relative paths for the background of the Express panel)
DSK-307987 (Fraud Protection feature renamed Fraud and Malware Protection)
Stability improvement
Linux and FreeBSD
CORE-30804 (Drop when working with plugins)
DSK-258729 (Non-working special keys in Linux (XF86Back / XF86Forward))
DSK-275098 (Non-closing pop-up menus by double-clicking)
DSK-276410 (Fixed popup menu style for KDE)
DSK-280594 (Markers and switches are made native to the system)
DSK-287681 (Non-working right click in the Bookmarks menu in UNIX)
DSK-288406 (Wrong color of the separators in the menu)
DSK-291882 (Globally installed widgets are not displayed in the panel)
DSK-292229 (The appearance of the bars when scrolling)
DSK-294121 (Scroll error using the double arrow buttons (plastique, Polyester, oxygen, qtcurve))
DSK-297393 (Incorrect tab bar layout with menu bar enabled)
DSK-297409 (Impossibility to enter Cyrillic with locales ru_UA.utf8 or bg_BG.utf8 in Ubuntu)
DSK-297648 (Corrected description in the installer)
DSK-301066 (The keyboard shortcuts for the Dvorak layout use the qwerty layout)
DSK-302055 (Multiple opening of the widget settings dialog in Linux)
DSK-302682 (Opening / closing menus and submenus too fast)
DSK-303089 (Incorrect scrollbar operation in some GTK styles)
DSK-303588 (Problems creating new lines when using SCIM)
DSK-303809 (IME characters are not highlighted during conversion)
DSK-304242 (Incorrect display of the Express panel with transparency turned on)
DSK-304646 (Fixed widget installer localization)
DSK-305044 (Opera crash when trying to select an application to handle the download)
DSK-306342 (Fixed centering of switches in x11)
DSK-306398 (Drop while saving some files or torrent)
DSK-307119 (disappearance of the status bar)
DSK-307173 (Drop while dragging the link)
DSK-307226 (Invalid scroll bar background in some GTK themes)
DSK-307332 (Fixed scroll button rounding in some GTK themes)

Windows MSI / Windows Classic
Macintosh (Universal) / Macintosh (Intel-only)
FreeBSD / Linux

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100434/

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