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With the growth of the company, the level of customer service is rapidly falling to zero?

For a long time, more precisely from the very entrance to the market, I am a subscriber of digital TV in the company of Stream.
During this period I changed three connection points. In the last place, there was even a desire not to connect - but his wife “for work” needs professional channel “Manor” (his wife is engaged in interior design). Usually everything worked without problems. But in the last six months, unimaginable things began to happen ...
I signed up for the “Money” promotion tariff, which now costs 120 rubles.
I must say that, in principle, the quality of the service for all this time of use - in principle, I was pleased.
Yes, of course there were moments when the picture began to crumble and if an independent restart of the modem and decoder did not help, then after the call the first support line overloaded the port and always the picture was restored. For various reasons, ADSL modems in the end I have already accumulated three sets.
(One bought initially, the second bought for parents “to the village” at their request (they didn’t grow together and their ADSL operator died under the onslaught of the Ethernet competitor), the third set was issued “for the promotion - for the whole time of using the service ..”). Therefore, when IT storytellers are put on the first line (“Your modem's firmware is outdated — you should update it ...”, “Your modem does not work,” etc) you can always say that there are no miracles in nature. I have 3 different modems from 3 different manufacturers and at least one of them, EXACTLY, is guaranteed to work (and there is a suspicion that everything is all at once).

So it would have been all well and good, but the last six months it was really impossible to receive a service.

During peak hours (say, from 5 pm to 11 pm during the week or at an arbitrary time on weekends) it is simply unrealistic to watch TV. There are either no pictures, or the modem is “constantly reflashing and loading,” or the picture just stupidly crumbles ...
They called the signalman from MGTS -> the uncle came, measured it and declared: "The parameters of the telephone line are normal - there should not be any problems ..".
Requests for problems from the first line are thrown to the second and there they hang, but after a day or two they are successfully closed by the second line workers (see the management for the unclosed requests they are satisfied with).
My wife and I thought it was a sinful business that the company “is in a hurry to get rid of promotional clients” (it’s a lot of work and ARPU needs to be raised), maybe so, but the bronze one (or a similar TV-to-PC tariff) is even cheaper. So this argument does not fit ...
Well, the “apogee of this problematic situation” was on Sunday.
- "Hello. I am a Stream company manager (submitted). You have an application - the number is such and such. We carried out technical work on it. Is your service now available? „
- "No, it does not work. The picture crumbles .. "
- “Then I close the application (!). You need to call technical support again .. "
A curtain. I do not understand anything in management. There is an application. There is a problem with the client.
Why close the application if the problem is not solved ? Of course, I understand that business is a process. But why artificially customers in it to attract? The company declared the service at the stated price. The customer paid for the service. Why should I again and again remind the supplier that the service does not work for me if I have already indicated this to him in the application?

AU (!), Gentlemen with MBA diplomas (and those who seek it) -> “process for the sake of the process” ???

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