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Apple released Safari 5.0.1 and introduced the Safari Extensions Gallery

Just an hour ago, Apple released Safari 5.0.1 , which includes official support for extensions, and the Safari Extensions Gallery ( Safari Extensions Gallery ).
Back in June, with the release of Safari 5.0, Apple included support for extensions for its browser, allowing developers to create their own extensions based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

With Safari Extensions Gallery, users can quickly find the necessary extensions that add new features and functionality to Safari. Starting from the toolbar and ending with complex solutions that can filter web content. In the new Safari 5.0.1, users can download and install extensions either from the Safari Extension Gallery, or directly from the developer’s site.

The Extensions Gallery itself is accessible from their browser menus.
Screen shot 2010-07-28 at 18.35.37
or directly to the address extensions.apple.com . Downloading and installing an extension from the gallery takes only one click, and there is no need to restart the browser. At the same time, the extensions themselves can be automatically updated, and they are easy to manage in Safari. Each user extension can be enabled or disabled separately from other extensions.

"Safari 5 was a great success, and user feedback on new features, such as Safari Reader, was fantastic," said Brian Kroll, Apple's vice president of product marketing for OS X.
"We are very pleased that so many leading developers have started creating so many extensions and I think that our users will like the opportunity to customize Safari for themselves."


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