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Street Slide - a new way to walk the streets of the city

The Street Slide project is an attempt to correct the discreteness of navigation through the city streets from a “bubble” into a “bubble”, each of which is represented by a panoramic image. In Street Slide, the user can select the display mode of one of the sides of the street as a large long panorama of several kilometers.

Street Slide offers a new look at city navigation: on top of the panorama you see house numbers, which will allow you to quickly find what you need, an interactive map is presented below, by moving the marker of which you can very quickly navigate the street panorama. The user can choose to view the other side of the street or turn at intersections to view other streets. Below the panorama are the logos of institutions that are located on this street, which will allow even faster navigation.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100423/

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