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New features in Google Docs - translation and quoting

Google is continuing to introduce its Google Translate project into various services and products. Not so long ago, in version 4.1, Google Chrome got the function of the built-in translator, but now Google Docs has got the Translator web service. Users can now translate a document immediately in the edit window. 53 languages ​​are now available for translation, but, unfortunately, no qualitative changes have been added to the translation, the standard translator is used.

Translation is done through "Tools - Translate Document ...". The translated document will open in a new window or in a new tab. The quality of the translation, of course, leaves much to be desired, but the general meaning of the document in “gibberish” languages ​​is quite understandable, despite the translation mechanism, which, for example, when translated from Russian into Swahili, will first translate into English and then into Swahili.

Translation is also supported in the cloud scheme when editing a document by several users online. If one of the users translates the document, the other editors will receive a notification, according to which they will also be able to translate the document if they wish.

The second innovation was the introduction of "smart" quotes. Using the Google Docs symbol automatically translates the symbol into a smart quotation mark, which indicates the direction. So far, this feature cannot be disabled, although the developers promise this, but you can cancel the switch by pressing ctrl + z (cmd + z on Mac OS) .

Users can express their opinions in the Google Docs thread .

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