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Day after tomorrow sysadmin day. What to give?

July 30 - Day of the system administrator. Puzzled by the question of how to please my colleagues, I made a small list of shops where you can find cool gifts for an IT person. Who cares come under habrakat

1. Smart-masses.ru - I think many people know this store. Perhaps the largest selection of funny gadgets
2. Bubbleshop.ru - basically all sorts of kitchen prikolyukh, but in the section "for the computer" there are funny flash drives and mouse pads. In accessories there are all sorts of covers for iPhones, and in toys there is a cool piggy bank in the form of a Save key button. The flash drive in the picture to the article by the way from there. True to the delivery to Moscow will have to spend, because shop in St. Petersburg.

3. Apple Jam - owners of MacBooks can be presented with cool stickers on the case.

4. PrintDirect - you can either buy a ready-made T-shirt like this , or make it according to your own layout.

5. GoGeek - another store with gadgets

I suggest everyone to share their ideas and ideas!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100412/

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