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IPad non-standard use

The appearance of the iPad tablet not only gave rise to crowds of fans and opponents of this device, but also spurred the "inventors" to invent a new application for the tablet.

In a small restaurant near Sydney, iPad began to be used instead of a menu. Especially for this, the owner of the restaurant bought 15 tablets. Now each restaurant visitor can look through the virtual menu pages, look at photos of different dishes, learn their history and ingredients, read which side dishes and wines are suitable for the chosen dish. The order is also issued on the iPad screen. And you can leave your comments to it: for example, ask the steak to roast for exactly 12.5 minutes. It is not easy in this situation only waiters will have to. They just have to deliver the dishes, they will pay less for this work than usual. The menu on the iPad can be seen in one of the Minsk restaurants.

Japanese engineers are looking for an iPad application in cosmetology and medicine. In one of the hospitals have already undergone surgery, during which the image of the internal organs was displayed on the iPad. The surgeon could zoom in and out of the picture with his fingers on the screen. True, to implement this idea, the iPad had to be wrapped in a homemade sterile cellophane case.

Employees of another Japanese company created a microscope that connects to the iPad and displays a real-time image on it. Microscope AirMicro model A1 is able to shoot at a speed of 15 frames per second and QVGA resolution. The creators of the device are confident that it will find application in cosmetology and will be useful in many universities. Agree, it's nice when there is an opportunity to consider the microcosm in detail at a class in biology.

While scientists are looking for a scientific use of the tablet, musicians use it for their creative purposes. American DJ Rana Sobhani created a DJ console from two iPad tablets and has already posted several tracks created using it. Rana spent five days creating this console. Now on the screens of several iPads you can play like a piano, and the sound processing capabilities of the tablet are impressive. DJ is sure that such use of the iPad will appeal to young musicians: a couple of tablets are much cheaper than a real DJ console.

While hundreds of people come up with new uses for the tablet, as many shred the iPad in blenders, chop, chop and use as a skateboard. And what do you do with your iPad?

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