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GitHub overcame 1 million hosted repositories

Just recently, a web service for joint development and hosting of GitHub projects broke another milestone - the millionth git-repository was registered. Approximately 60% of the hosted projects are full repositories, shared folders with code located in several files, and the remaining 40% are short code fragments contained in a single file.

GitHub has been developing rapidly since its launch in February 2008, even though the company abandoned the traditional way of attracting venture capital. An important role was played by the fact that users liked the convenient Git source code management system, version control service, organization of communication between developers in the format of traditional social networks, and the fact that there is no charge for using the service. The creators of the service report that the startup is still developing without external financing and receives good incomes, receiving well-deserved awards and accolades from professionals, and expect that in the near future the number of project users will grow even faster.

GitHub makes a profit from paid tariff plans that offers to developers and companies who want to place their repositories without publishing them in the community, but simply using a convenient tool in their daily work. GitHub offers virtually unlimited hosting for anyone who is willing to make their code open, but earns on hosting private repositories. Good revenue from paid tools helped to develop services in this direction and add new useful features and capabilities, such as Organizations that make it easier to manage repositories that are owned by groups of people (for example, code developed by several people from one company) provide advanced tools for access rights and support for fifteen new languages.

Since the launch, such large free projects as jQuery, Erlang / OTP, Ruby on Rails, curl, node.js, Git, Redis and CakePHP have gone under the wing of the new service. GitHub hosts projects written in 50 programming languages, from Visual Basic to Google Go. 19% of projects are written in Ruby and it is the most popular language among all hosted projects. Javascript is slightly inferior to it, which is in second place with a share of 17%.
GitHub for many has already become a key part of the software development process, in addition to the already mentioned Ruby on Rails and jQuery, the Linux kernel is also located here. Many of the principles on which the work of the GitHub service is based were actually developed by Linus Torvalds himself, and the source code of the repository management modules is itself hosted by the project.

via TechCrunch

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