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Cool Weekend: create projects on a cold head

Unfortunately, we could not organize Startup Weekend in the “Moscow” swimming pool :), but we still took into account your wishes and agreed with the coolest conference center in Moscow. After all, you need a cold head for work!

From Friday to Sunday, we are waiting for you under the air conditioners in Extropolis at the address: Moscow, ul. Lev Tolstoy, d. 16.

So, once again about the program:
On Friday, you can present your idea, see what projects and ideas others have, and listen to expert advice. Submit your ideas, evaluate others, and if you like one of them, join the teams.
All teams formed on Friday will start work on Saturday . But if you didn’t like any idea, but your own one didn’t appear, it's okay - we will not drive you out of the air conditioners into the thick of Moscow streets.

After the coffee break, we will start a collective brainstorm (using a special technique that will be implemented by one of the most extravagant Runet girls), during which we will come up with some cool (if possible, insane) ideas. At the end of the day there will be a second round of presentation of ideas and a collection of teams.

On Sunday , work will continue on ideas in teams. Experts will help you: they will give advice, bring to mind and in every possible way ennoble the thought-up idea.

If the idea turns out to be absolutely beautiful and exceptional, you can present it to investors and experts at the final presentation, along with projects and prototypes. The rest we will provide stands.

Detailed schedule and directions can be found here . Register and come.

We sincerely thank Yandex for the microclimate of this “Weekend”!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100406/

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