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"You have ochepyachtochka in the article"

Did you find, % username% , in the article you read a typo? Surely everyone ever found. And many even wrote about it in the comments. And the most delicate wrote to the author of the article habra writing, where they pointed to a typo.
And why not make a typo notification at the engine level? .. It may look something like this:
  1. Found a typo
  2. Highlighted the word (the “Report a typo” button appeared when selected)
  3. Pressed the button

After the simple manipulations done, the author of the article will receive a letter with reference to editing the article with a typo (and ideally the line where the typo crept in)
This method seems to me easier than writing a letter to the author. And undoubtedly more correct than notify about a typo in the comments to the article.

Upd: Comrade GreLI offered another option, under which the author would receive an already edited piece of the article. And he would only have to agree with the proposed changes or reject them.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100405/

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