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How to make candy out of nothing, now almost everyone knows. Here all means are good: chemistry, surgery, competent public relations, a good perspective and in the end - photoshop. A great deal has been written and said about the merits of Photoshop, the photo industry is now in high esteem, but there are not so many professionals in this business. And in order to become an image processing master, you need to study, try, search, it’s trivial to enjoy the process! There are a lot of different textbooks, master classes, video courses, etc. for working in Photoshop, which once again confirms the relevance of this lesson. Everything else depends on us, on our abilities and strengths, to overcome laziness :)

Just illustrating how to create something beautifully and qualitatively is not enough, as practice shows, video confirmation is needed, the process itself is visual. That is why, in collaboration with the well-known magazine “Photomasterskaya”, we made 2 video courses that show step by step the process of creating a pin-up illustration and a nice invitation or label for champagne.
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For us, this is a new format for creating and distributing video tutorials for specific examples from the beginning to the end, and we hope that these video tutorials will help readers understand the incomprehensible details of the articles.

Successful embodiment of the most daring ideas, artists!

Illustrations from the magazine itself for which the lessons were taken:
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Plus source materials (fonts, layers, etc.) to the pin-up lesson; to the lesson on creating labels and invitations .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100397/

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