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hh.ru conducted a study of restrictions on Internet surfing in the workplace

According to a survey conducted by hh.ru, half of Russians are limited to Internet access at work.

89% of respondents have closed social networks and blogs.
59% have sites with “adult” content.
54% have file sharing services, including p2p networks.
41% of employers blocking instant messengers.
In 32% of cases, photo sites and video hosting sites are closed.
20% of companies prohibit open mail systems and job sites.

At the same time, it turns out, 93% of respondents are not particularly worried about the internal rules for visiting the Network at the company. Although 37% of them still experience discomfort from this in their professional activities, more than half do not pay attention to this at all.

Despite the initiatives of employers, 43% of respondents found ways to bypass the corporate information security system. A third of them use technical tools based on wireless Internet and proxy servers, others (not many, 12%) agreed with system administrators.
“Whether such a restrictive information policy is effective or not, but 92% of employees do not give out corporate secrets over the network. Nevertheless, there are some reasons to think - 6% “confused” confidential content into the Network a couple of times, and 2% do it all the time, they say in hh.ru. “Only 5% consider a fully open Internet as an absolute necessity for work, but the majority do not pay attention to it at all in employment.”

Naked statistics is:
Do you restrict access to the Internet (to websites and services) at work?

Yes 50%
No 50%

What resources are closed? (from yes to the first question)

Social networks and blogs 82%
Sites of pornographic content 59%
File exchange networks and torrents 54%
Messagers (ICQ, Skype, etc.) 41%
Photosites 32%
Mail services 20%
Work sites 19%
Gave your answer 13%

Answers of respondents who gave their option:

Gaming sites
Dating websites
All but the short list of allowed
It seems that nothing is blocked, although maybe I don’t know, I mostly use news sites and google.com with vkontakte.ru
completely closed except for the working site
any sites of entertainment content are closed in the process of “tracking” the number of requests from office computers connected to the local network
all ports except HTTP, SSL and ICQ are closed

How much does it hinder your work?

Does not interfere 56%
It would be easier to work, but even so, 37%
Without blocked resources it’s very hard to work 7%

Do you think such security measures are justified?

Yes, in our company it is necessary 35%.
No, it's just a whim of management and / or security 35%
I can not competently answer 30%

Do you bypass these restrictions?

No, I do not need it 51%
I use a proxy server / anonymizer 16%
Yes, I use wireless internet (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max) 15%
Yes, I agreed with the system administrator 12%
No, because I can not 9%
No, I am afraid, we have a strict security service 9%

Have you ever “confused” confidential corporate information via the Internet?

No, never 92%
Yes, it was a couple of times 6%
Yes, constantly 2%

How does network access restriction affect your choice of job?

I don't care, this does not affect my employer choice. 54%
This affects, but is not decisive 41%
For me it is important, I always find out this point at the interview 5%

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100371/

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