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8th Software Quality Assurance Days Conference

November 19-20, 2010 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Business Hotel Karelia (27/2 Marshal Tukhachevsky St., St. Petersburg)

We invite you to take part in the 8th International Conference of Quality Assurance Specialists at Software Quality Assurance Days , which will be held November 19-20 in St. Petersburg.
In St. Petersburg, the event will be held for the second time, which becomes a pleasant tradition. The first conference was held in the spring of 2009 and gathered a large number of specialists in quality assurance and control from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan.

At future meetings, you will be able to discuss emerging issues and find solutions in other people's experience, or share your own methods for resolving difficulties.
Preliminary topics of the conference
• functional testing;
• performance testing;
• test automation and tools;
• configuration testing;
• integration testing;
• usability testing;
• security testing;
• static quality assurance methods;
• measurement and monitoring;
• testing and quality assurance as part of the development process;
• testing outsourcing;
• questions about the quality of the company's processes and their management;
• questions of motivation of the project team.
Additional topics:
• testing non-Web applications;
• testing of games and mobile applications;
• hardware testing.
Format and program of the conference:
The proposed format of the event is a two-day conference, within which parallel sections on various technologies will be held. Forms of speeches - reports with a multimedia presentation, flip charts, round tables, master classes.

Participants are waiting for:
• practical workshops by leading experts (Alexandrov A., Barantsev A., Orlov A.);
• stories about examples of successful problem solving in various areas of software development;
• reports on research results;
• round tables and panel discussions;
• presentation of technical solutions;
• and much more.

The conference program committee carefully selects the topics for presentations. Priority is given to reports that carry practical experience in solving problems, as well as to reports of an innovative nature.

Why should you participate?
Experience. You can get acquainted with the best practitioners and personally discuss the details you are interested in with independent experts and representatives of leading IT companies.
Discussions. By participating in round tables and discussions, you will be able to look at aspects of quality from different angles, opening up new possibilities for effectively building your work.
Contacts. New acquaintances will help take advantage of the vast experience of the best experts in the field of quality assurance.
A change of scenery. Work in the new environment will allow you to take a fresh look at quality problems and to invest the time you spend most effectively in the development of the company.
According to the established tradition, the eighth international conference SQA Days is organized by the company SQALab (Moscow) based on the IT-CONF.RU portal .

For more information about SQA Days-8 and to apply for participation for students, speakers and potential partners, please visit the official website of the conference http://sqadays.it-conf.ru/ or go to the organizing committee of the conference org@it-conf.ru .

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