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Make a game in nine days possible!?

screen I'm certainly not an adventurous person, but it happens. And 10 days ago it happened. Exactly 10 days ago, a friend (Nikita who calls himself the Division), offered to participate in the igdc contest.
Here is my impression ...

For those who are not up to date, igdc is a community of people who like to make games. A competition is announced, the conditions of the competition are set and forth, anyone can take part. The topic of the contest I subscribed to was very interesting: Indirect Control. The meaning of this kind of games in the absence of direct control over the game. The player can only influence indirectly on what is happening.

I have never participated in such contests, unlike Nikita, who even won prizes. It was decided to write in ActionScript3, which I knew very remotely. Why on AS? Just had a Division ʻa engine on AS, using not unknown pattern Decorator, and moreover using it so much that it is called so.

At the word Indirect, I remember the famous puzzle “Earned”, I had the idea to do something similar, but change the goals of the game. In earned the goal to bring the mechanism into working condition, we have to force all the balls to slide into a certain pipe, using all sorts of boxes, dostochki and, of course, physics. Fortunately, the Decorator engine supported Box2D, although looking at the dimensions of the first and second it is not clear who supports whom. With physics, everything is clear.
Design hmm ... neither I nor the Division could draw at all, it was decided to offer an honorary designer position to my friend. He painted a couple of scenes, but in the end something happened to him, and we had to paint ourselves, moreover, by the word "I myself" I mean myself.

One important condition of the competition is to make a game in 9 days. Because the work began quite lively, I invented a concept, drew sketches of what should look like, Division prepared the engine. Dropbox was used to share files, making sure once again that this program is indispensable.

The engine was prepared somewhere for three days, this task fell on the shoulders of Division ʻa. But to collaborate on the project, a prog was needed for version control, the choice was from (Git, SVN) we chose SVN, which we later regretted.

Worked out pretty quickly, the development went at night, because my experience in AS leaves much to be desired, Division explained to me on Skype that I’m doing wrong, Skype in general, helped us a lot with the project, first of all, more fun, secondly we could coordinate their tasks and actions.

I happily recall these sleepless nights, it was quite interesting to learn something new (AS) right in action. I used to think that before starting to write in a new language, you must read a thick book, I was mistaken ... during these 4 days of coding, I learned more than from a month of reading a smart book, although of course I lacked theoretical knowledge, but it was fast eliminated by stuffing the cones with a bitter experience ...

About 4 days everything went smoothly like clockwork, but on Saturday there was a turning point. We got the SVN. Here is more detailed how it happened ... I sent a new committee, the Division had to update the repository ... but there was a conflict that needed to be resolved manually. By non-experience Division, I pressed the wrong one or poked it in the wrong place, but in the end, I saved one file. All his changes in this file were lost ... Again, stupidity is not when one does not come alone ... More because of dullness than inexperience, I advised him to roll back to the previous audit, deciding that he was doing a commit before that ... naturally leading the audit erased all the work for the day ... We were indignant ... We needed to turn in the work the next day, but we had not done the levels besides, as according to the law of meanness, the heaviest and tangled part was erased ...

There is nothing to do. Division had to restore everything, the mood was spoiled, but it was worth the reward. We received an excellent level editor and a pretty nice game. Thanks to me for the design ...

The law of meanness is the second act ... According to the rules of the competition, you can be late for a day, but with a 30% penalty, but you need to warn the lead of the competition ... Naturally, we did not have time, and of course we understood this before that. In the relevant topic of the forum igdc Nikita expressed fears and assumptions that we will not have time. We didn’t know exactly whether we would be in time or not, just in case, warned more specifically, because we realized that before this our posts were not perceived as a message that we’ll be late, the moderator said, “it's so late,” but nothing more. We drew levels somewhere before 3 am (after 4 hours to get up for work). We wanted to pass early, but as always, it never works out as we would like, having understood that the whole 30% fine is shining to us, we went to bed. In the afternoon in the breaks between work, I also divided the levels, eliminated the shortcomings, etc., and prepared the game for release. And then, like a bolt from the blue, we were disqualified ... for being late ... I was honestly shocked ... so much strength and soul was invested, it was very disappointing. But there is nothing to do collecting the archive, send ...

Dragging home, I bought all kinds of nasty things like chips and cookies, so that at least somehow console myself. He came and fell asleep, not even getting to the cookies, and chips ... somewhere around 10 o'clock my wife wakes me up with good news - the admin canceled the suspension ... there was no joy ... Thanks to the admin separately! ... And we are waiting for ratings ...

What conclusions did I draw for myself:
- learns in practice.
- Games do fun.
- In the ass SVN, the next project on Git.

A game
Vkontakte if the first will fall

PS On the evening of July 28, the results of the competition were summed up, as we expected 5th place, -30% penalty played its part, but it was still interesting. Here are the results of the competition:

A placeParticipantVotePointsKarmaTotal
eleventhe exile66fourfourone2one3-one2232-32

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