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Site Kongregate.com flash-games purchased by GameStop

One of the largest video game retailers in the United States, GameStop , has acquired the Kongregate gaming flash portal. In a video announcement on the Kongregate website, one of the co-founders, Jim Greer, provides details and talks about the future of the site and its users.
In a few words:
  1. The layout of the games and the receipt / sharing of income will remain the same. Developers can not worry.
  2. GameStop will include the portal in its PowerUp program. Players gaining record points in games will be able to count on cash prizes.
  3. The website header will soon lose the “beta” attribute, which has long been an insane to all eyes.
The amount of the transaction was not disclosed ("The number is confidential").


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100339/

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