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We need an author who is ready to write interesting material about Arduino in a well-known computer magazine.

Habrayuzer, if you are the one who plays with gusto and does not cease experimenting with the Arduino platform, studied the toy far and wide, came up with many interesting applications and successfully implemented them, looked that with his help they managed to create others, and now you are eager to share the results of your experiments with a large audience, welcome!


In a well-known and by many not very favorite magazine :) you need light, interesting, but extremely informative material:

If someone feels the desire and strength in himself, feel free to write. Publication, of course, paid.
ps. This is a publication in the magazine "Hacker". If you have not seen it, but only heard, then you can see the content of the last issue, look through thumbnails of pages. This can be done here .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100323/

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