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From Russia with a torrent: online viewing of torrents and not only

Good day!
I present to the community the brave offspring of our development team.
Meet MediaGet! media-get.ru
His early raw version has already been mentioned in Habré.
Now the program has undergone many improvements and new features have been added to it.
Our task was to make a torrent client oriented both to experienced torrent users and people who are not at all familiar with p2p.

I will not be long and tedious to tell how we did it and what obstacles we encountered on our way, I can only say that we are diligently working on the project and modestly hope to earn the love of the audience!

Below is a list of some implemented features worthy of attention:
catalog of films (experimental feature - was met with a bang);
-search open torrent trackers;
-the ability to export / import downloads (for transfer between machines of under-downloaded torrents; for example, started at work - finished at home);
- interesting feature "Share" allows you to transfer a link to a torrent to a person who is not familiar with torrents at all: a special link is generated to him, when you click on that, the user will be asked to launch an executable file, which he installs on the Media Get machine and starts downloading the desired torrent;
-the ability to stream audio and video torrents with the built-in media player

I would be extremely grateful for any additions and wishes to the client.
PS: As you see, the design is a bit lame, if there are interesting ideas on design and the ability to bring them to life, we will be glad to cooperate.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100316/

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