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Designer Mimobot flash drives, are they worth their money?

Relatively recently, the bourgeois designer Mimobot flash drives finally appeared on the Russian market.
A distinctive feature of these flash drives is that they are all made in the form of funny figures. There are whole series like Happy Tree Friends or Mimobot Star Wars.
The latter, by the way, has already released the 3rd series, which confirms the remarkable popularity of Mimobot over the hill.
Flash drives are really very well made and look funny, but then the question comes up, does it make sense to overpay for a flash drive, for the sake of its funny appearance?
In the online store Runet such flash drives are about 2K for 2GB. Not too much for such a small amount, which, by the way, is no longer “rolling” (with the existing 16 and 32 GB flash drives, and when does one HD movie weigh 8 gigs in quality?).
For the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that the delivery kit with each flash drive also comes with a fur keychain in which you can dress your Mimobot and hook on the keys. In addition to this, the device itself has pre-recorded promo information about your Mimobot series, including wallpapers, music, etc.
But are all these “prebluds” of overpayment more than 2 times worth when calculating the cost of storage space on a flash drive?
Do you think there is a place to be such a product in our market? Would you buy yourself or a gift for someone a flash drive for 4 GB for 2.5 thousand just because of its cool appearance and fur coat in the kit?

Everyone decides for himself, and surely much depends on the specific financial situation of a particular consumer, but it seems to me that overpaying 2-3 times for a cool appearance and status is “fashionable” is a sign of stupidity ... Although people buy IPhone 4G for 70 thousand and nothing…


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100307/

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