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State 2.0

The state 2.0 is based on simple and understandable things - karma and voting for topics :)

Every government official has karma. And every taxpayer can raise or lower it using social points. The more taxes you pay, the more points you get. A serious businessman can easily "fill up" the policy of an average hand. Someone annoy you? Go, give more money to the tax treasury and get extra points for voting. An official whose karma has fallen below a certain level collects things in a large cardboard box - since Monday he has been unemployed.

Each new bill is put forward for public discussion. They vote for him as well as for habratopiki - every citizen has only 1 vote, and he is free to give it according to his own understanding. The draft law, which receives a certain number of votes, enters into force.
The president and the government choose from people with the highest karma, while conducting an additional vote - as well as for bills.

Democracy has reached a new level - all the infosmi are blowing about it.

Politicians are trying to win over the side of their block of the most popular actors, singers, athletes, in order to influence the voting results. Black political consultants (a word that has acquired a new meaning) climb the dense villages and collect the votes of backward attendants in favor of their candidate.

Of course yes!

But let's imagine the future in 25-30 years, when today's 20-30-year-olds who have grown up with a computer and the Internet will come to power. Of course, they will settle down, become more impressive, they will be drawn to "healthy conservatism" - they will consider all these new-fashioned implants to be toys of hip youth. What a good old webdvanol, so simple, understandable and predictable!


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