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Review of Android-tablet RoverPad for 7990 p

Well, it seems, it begins: the tablets begin to hatch and reach the market, and Rover Computers, as usual, immediately hits the lower price segment. Of the three models of tablets that the company will bring to the market, this one is the cheapest, will cost about 8,000 rubles at retail. It seems to me that, outwardly, it’s very much too similar to the iPad, even a single licked button, and the feeling of using contradictory ones - a resistive screen and Android is still not a squeak. But for such a price, maybe worth taking? After all, the same LG Optimus is one of the most inexpensive smartphones on Android, costs a thousand more, and it has a little screen, hmm, smaller.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100297/

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