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Google Apps for Government

Yesterday, Google introduced a special version of Google Apps, which is designed in accordance with the increased security requirements of US government agencies.

The requirements listed in the Federal Information Security Management Act are as follows: all information must be stored in the United States, and the “state” servers must be separated into a separate cluster, without serving anyone other than customer No. 1.

Google Apps for Government includes Gmail, Talk, Groups, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Video, and Postini. The service costs the same as regular Premier Edition, that is, $ 50 per year for each user.
To date, 4,000 laboratory users at Berkeley (a division of the Department of Energy), as well as government services in Larimer County (Colorado), have already signed up to use Google Apps for Government. As for the previously announced contract with the authorities of Los Angeles, then, apparently, Google did not meet the June deadline and the contract is lost.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100291/

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