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Hi, Habrahabr!

Hi, Habrahabr! Today, the Business Development Group company is turning from Habr's readers into its writers. We have accumulated so much knowledge and skills, conducted so many experiments with our projects, we did so much and it did not work out that there is no more silence. We will talk about it in our blog.

Probably a couple of the first posts worth devoting to our projects. After all, everything that we know and can do, we have received, developing and promoting them. Let's start with our biggest, most famous, most beloved, the very same project - Voicecards.ru . This is a service for sending voice cards to mobile phones to friends and acquaintances.

How it works
If you remember, during the boom of mobile content in 2006-2007. operators have launched such a service on the IVR - voice cards. Users called a short number, listened to voice messages for a long time and sent what they chose to a friend’s number. We liked voice cards - they made funny telephone pranks and unusual birthday greetings, but it was very inconvenient and expensive to use the service.

Therefore, in 2007 we created such a service on the web. All the same only in a convenient interface. You choose a postcard from the catalog (and you can choose for a long time, listening to voice greetings at least a thousand times), enter the recipient’s number and delivery time, and you're done - the card is delivered to a friend as a normal phone call. To pay for the service, we connected SMS billing to VoiceCards, one postcard costs about 80 rubles.

How has the project changed during its existence?
The essence of the service is probably the only thing that has not changed over the years. We love this project so much and think so much about it that we constantly want to finish and redo something.

At the VoiceCards we managed:
We will certainly tell you about some of the most interesting experiments in separate posts.

Where do we find users
We have always treated the promotion with increased attention, because this is how we make money on our project. VoiceCards is a mass service with a low cost of service, and our goal has always been to attract low-cost, massive, well-convertible traffic.

How many times have we sat at conferences or sections devoted to online advertising, and with tears in our eyes listened to reports of people telling about the effectiveness of advertising cars or even plastic windows (and the cost of a voice postcard = 80 rubles), about the appearance of new sites that allow users to be attracted no more than 10 rubles (and for us 1 ruble is already expensive ...). We were ready right now to spend an advertising budget of 1 million rubles, if for this money we would receive 2 million users, the necessary part of which would be bought by voice card. But they don’t talk much about such promotion at conferences ...

Therefore, we have accumulated all the experience in promoting VoiceCards ourselves. Now we have about 20 thousand users on a typical day and up to 100 thousand users on holidays, not counting the users of partner sites who sell our voice cards.

Buying traffic, contextual advertising, SEO, teasers in various advertising networks, news traffic, affiliate programs, social networks - we tried a lot and you can write a separate post about traffic sources. A tale about how we drew traffic and analyzed it :)

What we are proud of
They say that such headings should not be written on Habré, because they are too pretentious. But there are a couple of things related to VoiceCards that we are so excited about that we constantly tell all our friends :)
For example, the number of voice card requests in Yandex has increased 25 times during the existence of the project. This means that we have formed a market, albeit small, but a market with its goods, buyers and sellers (yes, we have competitors :))

In the creation of content, we started with parodies of famous politicians and teleheroes, but now we have voice cards in which real celebrities took part - Mumiy Troll , Hands Up , T9 , actors of Daddy’s Daughters and Don't Be Born Beautiful .

And on the site itself, we like the “Live stream” section most of all. It is absolutely useless for users, but if you click on the "Show on Map" link, postcards sent by our users will appear online on the world map. When you are very tired at work, and it seems that it will not be possible to achieve more, you open this card, and there - “Honey, get well” is sent at 15:39 to the Tele2 subscriber, Kostroma; "Conspiracy from drunkenness" sent at 3:39 pm to a Megafon subscriber, St. Petersburg; “Nastya, congratulations!” Sent at 15:41 to the MTS subscriber, Chelyabinsk ... And your mood is improving :)


PS Most of all this blog was delighted by our friends, to whom we are constantly trying to tell something about our projects, experiments and ideas. Do not worry, family and loved ones, now with you we will speak exclusively on non-working topics :)

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