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Announced helicopter from Sikorsky with electric motor


On Habré, quite a lot of posts are devoted to electric vehicles , electric motorcycles , solar-powered aircraft and so on. It turns out that modern manufacturers are trying to translate into new “rails” not only more or less conventional means of transport, but also helicopters. Moreover, not some enthusiasts, whose work often goes unnoticed, but apologists of flight technology, are engaged in such activities. For example, the other day was presented a full-size helicopter with an electric motor, created by the efforts of engineers Sikorsky.

We have become accustomed to the fact that there are many toy helicopters that work on electricity. But the model from Sikorsky - quite a real aircraft, designed for two people. The creation of such a helicopter was made possible by more or less capacious batteries, which appeared in the next few years. And now such a giant as Sikorsky considers the idea of ​​creating electric helicopters quite working.
The electrolyte, if I may say so, was developed on the basis of the existing conventional model of the S-300C helicopter, on which the 4-cylinder engine of 190 horsepower was replaced by an approximately identical electric motor. Lithium-ion batteries are installed, this helicopter can work for about 15 minutes at full charge. Yes, of course, it is very small, but the technologies still go forward, maybe in a year or two much more capacious batteries will be ready that would ensure the operation of the helicopter at least for half an hour or an hour.


Fifteen minutes is not enough to fulfill at least some serious purpose, but to demonstrate the efficiency of the concept this is enough. The model was developed under the guidance of a leading engineer of the company Mark Wilner. Incidentally, he complained that rising fuel prices are reducing the demand for conventional helicopters with an internal combustion engine.

It is clear that the new electric helicopter is, albeit a working one, but a concept that is not capable of performing any tasks. But the first step is the hardest, perhaps this particular helicopter is the first in a series of excellent aircraft with a new type of engines. By the way, the helicopter will be presented at the AirVenture show in Wisconsin.

And according to representatives of the community, does such an idea deserve the right to life, and in general, does the development have a future?

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