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Ampere - Arduino Store

Many on Habré know what Arduino is . Actually, a separate blog is dedicated to him. Some even managed to hate him for the fact that for any primitive thing that flashes with a flashing light instead of a pair of transistors for five kopecks, people take this platform as a basis.

I will not argue on this topic. Let me just say that some time ago I was also interested in this toy. However, when I decided to buy one for myself, it became clear that this was not trivial. The best that was offered in Russian stores at that time was a replica of the original Arduino, with 100% prepayment, with delivery by Russian Post. And the range of accessories lagged far behind the European ones. So in the end, I made an order at a German store with delivery via UPS. The overpayment for the delivery was palpable.

I experimented with the platform, I realized that this is in fact - krutoten. Showed to friends - they approved. I remembered about interest, love and hate on Habré and thought: “Why not try to sell them in Russia? Well, or in Moscow for a start. "

I found a partner, got down to business, and here are the first fruits: Amperk store. Buy Arduino in Moscow is now much easier. Welcome!
We will try to expand the range and bring it closer in quality to European stores. In addition, as a result, we want to do something more than just a store: to unite Russian-speaking platform lovers in one place where they could communicate, get answers to their questions and share experiences.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100282/

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