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Once again to the issue of references to books and copyright

The article “Giving a link - violated copyrights” caused a stormy discussion. The article is undoubtedly useful, which raises many questions. I want to comment on this.

I will make a reservation right away - I buy books and download them. I buy if the price / quality suits me (it all depends on income), if I respect its author (s), if I don’t have big problems with its purchase and delivery. In all other cases, I shake them (although I read them much less often than the paper version), for example, when the cost of the book is less than the cost of delivery, when the book I need is NOT for sale.

Michio Kaku - The Physics of the Impossible

I read this book about a week ago. I want to say that this is one of the most interesting books in this field that I have ever read.
I bought it on paper for 116 UAH. (about 445 rubles) in good quality and with a hard cover. This is the amount that young people usually spend half an evening away in a not very expensive establishment. In addition, I recommended this book to my friends and acquaintances, who also agreed to buy it.

The book is very worthy, it is very pleasant to read. My opinion is that such a book should be on the shelf in a personal collection. Naturally, I do not impose my opinion on anyone.

Question about references to books

I do not support the methods of action of fighters with illegal content, but let's see a little. Our laws are so leaky and undefined that you can always find loopholes from one side or the other.

So, we gave a link to a torrent or another third-party site, where the e-book is. De jure, we are clean before the law (we don’t keep the copyright object on our servers, we don’t own it, etc.), but we are de facto helping to distribute it . It seems to me that this is an obvious fact. In fact, we get the classic “moral-law” system. An act may violate the law, but be moral, and may also not violate the law, but be immoral. Again, I don’t touch the issue of personal conscience and responsibility, I just brought it as an illustration.

And now let's look at the other side. You are Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking or Igor Novikov. When these people write books, their only goal is to bring their scientific achievements to the world, and not to make money or get fame (probably, because they already have the first and second). They are deep, sorry, don't give a shit, if you download the book or buy it, if you read it, their goal will be achieved. But by purchasing a book, you will show respect for the work and the results of these people (I would exchange my entire warehouse of electronic books for one printed copy with the author's autograph). If the book is UG for big money, then it’s already a problem for us to distinguish a good book from a bad one (by the way, what do we do every day, choosing clothes, food, cars, etc.).

I run an IT Literature blog, in which only links to free books (believe me, there are a lot of them) and reviews of paid books are published in principle. I publish links to electronic stores - Apress, Wrox, O'Reilly (because they support our group, and I try to support them). Who wants to find these books on torrents - please, many will take this procedure a few minutes, but why should they be published purposefully, even without personal gain (although this is also a moot point)?

And now the fun part. Repeatedly wrote about the action - write an article and get the original e-book as a gift from Apress . The books are very good, costing $ 25-30, the article takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Those. It offers a completely honest and legal way to get these books. Do you think it's worth the queue? Of course not. And all because people are accustomed to a complete freebie, and the concept of “you need to do something to get something” is absolutely not applicable to the majority. Need right here and right now.

Magdanurov Gaidar and Yunev Vladimir did very significant with their book about MVC2 - they made it as cheap as it could be. In Ukraine, I bought it for myself and my friends (5 pieces) at a price of 65 UAH. (about 250 rubles), which is practically nothing for the technical book of 2010. This is another way to fight for customers, not pirates.

Therefore, we draw conclusions:Thanks for attention.

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