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Nextdeep.com - web extension or a new format for the accumulation of knowledge about any page on the Internet

The idea is simple. We surf the Internet, sometimes we find something interesting that catches, and I want to know more. Whether it is a super geek for geeks, a resort in Asia, or a new way to hack pentagon servers.
We open the search engine, gradually wade through positions carefully chosen by the artificial brain of search engines and generously seasoned with SEO budgets. We open one site, the second, on the tenth, we learn about a useful forum or blog ... Just remember how long it took you to collect all the really good bookmarks on the topic that interests you?

And how else, then?

So we asked ourselves this question. How different? And they realized that no automated algorithm would replace the manual, human selection. No companies are able to create such a flow of useful information that we, ordinary users, create in our blogs, forums and social services. grids.
We wanted to do something useful for ourselves and others. After all, how great it would be to read additional information on the topic of the page on which you are now, chat with knowledgeable people, or just write where it will be claimed not only by friends.
The main goal of the project is to make access to information simple, unambiguous.
So, what tasks the project solves:

- The accumulation of knowledge around the original source of information in the form of a collective blog. The original source can be any page on the Internet. The user himself determines which useful information to place and to which source it is tied.
- Quick access to the accumulated information. It is enough just to add nextdeep.com/ to any address on the Internet, and you get to the list of articles sorted by utility. Example:
- http://nextdeep.com/apple.com/iphone/features/ - articles about new features of Iphone 4G.
- nextdeep.com/http://gov.ca.gov/about/arnold - articles about the political activities of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In many ways, convenience is achieved due to the fact that:

- All pages on the Internet are united into a community on the basis of a domain: nextdeep.com/apple.com/iphone - nextdeep.com/apple.com community

On the community page all information contained in the community is aggregated.

- There is a place for any point of view. For this there are measurements, for example:
- nextdeep.com/apple.com - community of users of apple products.
- nextdeep.com/nextdeep.com/apple.com or d2.nextdeep.com/apple.com (second dimension) - MacOS application development community.

Thus, everyone communicates in his own, comfortable circle of like-minded people.

- Developed an extension for Firefox, which is an indicator of the existence of an alternative level and allows you to go to it in one click from any page.

- There is a rating, and the most useful articles are at the top of the page, thereby allowing anyone to quickly get acquainted with the most important information as quickly as possible. There is also a rating of community members, always contact a professional in any community.

- In communities there are administrators who are selected automatically for the greatest contribution to the community.

The project at this stage is purely social, no paid services and access, etc.

We would like this to be an alternative wiki, which is now the greatest dictionary in the history of mankind. However, this project does not duplicate, but complements it. Wiki has an academic character: one article, one term, tough moderation. The format of the project NextDeep provides several articles describing the subject of the original page from different sides, even provides a comfortable way of cohabiting radically different points of view. All materials are supplemented by comments and are ranked by the community members themselves. Given this format, articles obviously should be of interest in the long run. Thus, posts of a purely news nature do not bear the similar benefits, and will be deleted by administrators. It is also necessary to correctly select the source of information. People who understand the topic, usually know it, in other cases, you can use the search engines, with this they do a good job.

We understand that the project is global, and indeed that is huge. There are trillions of pages, and it will obviously take a long time to fill at least the most burning of them. First, we have ideas on how to reduce this amount. Secondly, everything began with something, and we will strive to end it with something meaningful.

Those who liked our idea would be better able to write articles or copy their own, other people's articles are allowed (from @C). You can discuss the project in the second dimension http://nextdeep.com/nextdeep.com/ . We invite everyone, we still have a lot of ideas for discussion and implementation, how to make access even easier, how to combine various original sources.

Special thanks to the a25 Hubruiser for unbearable contribution to the project development!

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