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How to register in iTunes US without a credit card and something to download

In the process of finding a good software for the iPad, I had a small problem, about the solution of which I decided to write, I am sure that it will be useful to someone.

An excellent program for sketches on the iPad, Adobe Ideas , is not represented in the Russian iTunes store, that is, by default, it cannot be downloaded by the residents of Russia.
And when registering in the American Appstore, Apple requires you to enter credit card information, and the billing address of the card must be in the USA, the Russians do not fit in any way. And paypal accounts with Russian cards are also not suitable, they need to bind at least one USA card.

The solution, as it turned out, is very, very simple.
Voila, we have an email link link account activation. Activate, log in and download any free software from the American Appstore :).


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100272/

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