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How does “Poupon” actually work?

A couple of months ago, on Habré, I tried to advertise a certain Ukrainian startup “ Poupon ” dedicated to discounts. After that, there was another obviously custom article that sent traffic to the same mill.

And now it has become clear how this mousetrap actually works.

Example One: 50% discount on pizza delivered by Uno Pizza .

We are offered to buy a large pizza (standard order for 2-4 people) at a cost of about 100 hryvnia with a 50% discount. For a coupon card asking 15 UAH. But! If for the average customer the delivery of such a pizza will be free ... then for those who bought the coupon it will cost 30 UAH. (that the customer who bought the ticket will be very happy to hear from the pizzeria operator). We consider. 100 UAH you pay without Pouupon. 50 + 15 + 30 = 95 UAH. You pay with Poupon. Great, in fact, you will work to increase the BL-level of the purse of this company, without saving anything.

Example two: Coupon for 50% discount on the whole menu of the kitchen and bar in the restaurant "Izumi" + delivery! .


In this case, for a 50% discount we will have to pay 30 UAH. And everything would be great (after all, with a standard order of 200-300 UAH. There is savings), if ... a 50% discount was made not for the customers of Pouupon, but for all the customers of this restaurant as part of the promotion! Seriously. Here is the proof . This page was promptly removed from the restaurant's website, but the habit of screening such things did not let down. That is, booklets, which were scattered in tons of houses for free, Poupon sells for 30 UAH!

In general, this story once again showed us where there is cheese and how to do business on suckers.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100268/

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