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Music studios for iPhone and iPad

Technology goes forward. Finally it is the turn of music programs. In the modern world with an iPhone or iPad, you can write music almost anywhere. Just to have enough batteries! In confirmation of this, my post, in which I will introduce you% username to some virtual music studios.

Virtual Studio NanoStudio for iPhone

For the IPhone, we developed and created the virtual studio NanoStudio , which belongs to full-fledged sequencer programs and includes: synthesizers, a drum machine, a sequencer, a set of effects and other details.

In NanoStudio, you can create a composition from scratch (studio polyphony of 48 voices), edit the instrument part (as in the midi track), apply effects, record your sounds from the IPhone microphone and mix it all into a full CD-quality track using the main mixer, and do final processing of the track using ready-made processing algorithms such as: Normalize, Fade In, Fade Out ...


AmpliTube IRIG everything for guitar player on iPhone or iPad

AmpliTube IRIG is a combination of easy-to-use tools. You will not surprise anyone with a set of sound effects in the software, but all the variety of lotions and combos is now placed on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It is enough to connect a guitar or bass guitar to the phone using a small adapter and you can start the game. To connect headphones, powered speakers or other sound amplifying equipment, there is a separate socket on the adapter.

Propellerhead resurrected ReBirth for iPhone

Propellerhead Software (Sweden) reanimated its iPhone ReBirth application. ReBirth was produced from 1997 to 2005. Propellerhead ReBirth was the first music computer software to repeat three classic devices: Roland TB-303 Bass synth, Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines.

With a double bass synths structure synths, with two sets of drum machines plus FX and a mixer, ReBirth provides a completely powerful environment for creating musical products, especially dance styles. This application is a full-featured software product for the iPhone and iPad.

Music Studio: Pitch Bend and Filter Effect

Music Studio (program site www.xewton.com ). The program combines a virtual piano keyboard, 73 sounds (as stated in studio quality), a 128-track sequencer, a piano-roll editor (as a midi-fingerprint editor), real-time effects, a master section for mixing and much more. The interface is quite convenient and intuitive.


Recently, there was a post in Habré, which stated that in 2-3 years the whole world would switch to tablet computers. Then I was skeptical of such a forecast. Now my point of view is not so stable;)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100264/

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