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iCamp 2010

iCamp we visited for the second time. If anyone does not know - this is such an informal conference with the participation of startups, investors and various experts. This meeting lasts for several days (July 22-25).

Next will be a lot of photos.

Unfortunately we had the opportunity to come only on Friday. And apparently everyone was tired for Thursday, or the heat left its mark on the number of visitors. It was somehow not at all crowded.
It was important for us to find interesting people and possible partners, to tell about our project to possible application developers. According to the experience of last year, we quickly found a common language in the evening by the fire :) So apparently the most interesting thing is that we missed all the same.
Personally on my own - I want to advise novice startups to attend such events more. You can find like-minded people, listen to harsh criticism, learn about some important aspects of running a business that you haven’t even thought about.

Below is a small photo report of this event:

I was surprised that there were so many girls

The organizers have not forgotten that the heat in the street beats all records and it was possible to find water everywhere.

In an informal setting, we tell about our project and show the beta version of the presentation cartoon.

Again, the girls quietly kept photo essay

Part of the meetings took place in such barbecue places in the open air

The organizers were not only friendly and welcoming, but also very cute :)

In the evening, already issued a snack, beer and wine. Sang songs with a guitar

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