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Rules of communication with customers

Dear habrayuzer! Sorry if I write the wrong way or not :) But I urgently need an injection of the collective mind.
At the moment, I notice the following trend: “Clients are such special devices that get money from a wallet. Accordingly, we must get them to get as much as possible. ” In this regard, there are a lot of books on sales, active and passive, conditionally-honest and sincerely-manipulative, PR-y and copywriting, etc.
And what I want: to find a book / guideline / a large (!) Good (!!!) article on how to properly communicate with customers, so that they are just happy and happy to communicate. For example: a client needs to answer by mail in such a time, not to use highly specialized terms (which may be incomprehensible to the client), to answer strictly the question posed (not spreading the thought on the tree, or spreading only after a clear answer) and so on. d. I tried to create a set of rules myself (I need it for an assistant, in order to feel pride in her work), but it doesn’t work - either the calm is inappropriate, or the experience of communication with clients is not enough for me to sort out these rules.
Help by reference or clever thought. If there are a lot of clever thoughts, I will draw up a separate, most convenient post authored by the collective mind.

Thank you in advance!


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