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Google grows 4 times faster than Yandex

After the article “ Google in Russia earns 4 times less than Yandex ”, I wanted to comment on this information. Especially the heading, which in “Vedomosti” in the original article “Google” measured off with “Yandex” was more neutral.

4 times? Or 15%?

What we have? Search market shares: 64.4% Yandex, 22.1% Google (Yandex is more than 2.9 times).
Contextual advertising revenue: 7.6 billion from Yandex to 2.2 billion from Google (advantage 3.45 times).

2.9 is only 15.6% less than 3.45 (we take a larger number as a basis, otherwise 18% will be released). It turns out that , based on 1 non-unique visitor, Google’s revenue is only 15% less than Yandex revenue . Very small figure.

Was there a boy?

As you can see, even with the available data it is easy to prove that the superiority of Yandex is quite small. But the data itself does not shine with completeness and verifiability. A large number of influencing factors, uncertainties and assumptions:

• The search share of Google in Russia is true, say, 22% versus 64% of Yandex. But shares in contextual advertising (and this is not only a search, but also adSense and YAN partner networks) are somewhat different and unknown to us.
• The number of advertisements shown for 1 search query may vary. Actually, it is more profitable for Google to show less advertising on its pages, which would increase the share on the search market, but the profitability of Google LLC itself is not as critical for Google as it is for Yandex. Paul Hocken was already remembered on the roem when discussing this news.
• The structure of income generation is not very clear. Yandex has Yandex.Money, but this is, like, a separate company. Ok, let's assume that 86% of Yandex’s revenue is derived from the context as written. And Google, it turns out, all 2.2 billion from the context? Then where is Google Apps, which is sold through resellers? And Google Checkout doesn't work for us at all, i.e. those, however few, Russians, who use it, work bypassing Google LLC.
• If Google’s report is taken from government agencies, then Yandex writes its own press releases, surely you can embellish something in them?

These statements can probably be criticized, but this is only the first thing that came to mind. Another thing is more important: it is easy to think of other reasons to doubt the fidelity of the statistics of the two companies that are not public. .

Turn upside down

We sympathize with Google and want to say something good about it? Let's go further!

• The news says that " Russian Google’s revenue in 2009 increased by 57% compared with the previous year ." We look at the Yandex report and are amazed, its turnover for 2009 has grown by only 14%. We divide 57 by 14, we get 4.07 times. Phenomenal! Google in Russia is growing more than 4 times faster than Yandex!
• Now remember that all of Google for the same 2009 earned 23.6 billion dollars, comparable to Yandex 278 million and terrified for the future of the Russian search engine: Yandex earned 85 (!!!) times less than a competitor in a year.


Do not misunderstand me, Yandex, on the contrary, I respect this company. I just wanted to show how to treat loud headlines and how stupid it is to look at some statistics, forgetting about others.

PS Unfortunately, it was not possible to buy a report on Google from “ SPARK-Interfax ”, the site issued
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Well, they saved 1550 rubles.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100244/

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