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Starcraft 2 released


The event that millions of people have been waiting for for 12 years has finally come true!
An epic game that has spent many, many millions just released.

The happy owners of the keys they bought in electronic stores have already activated the game in Battle.Net and are downloading the game client.
The rest are waiting for the start of retail sales to buy a box smelling of new plastic.
Judging by the communication with several acquaintances - few know what is happening with the keys, how to activate the game and other useful things.

So, for a start, general information about the purchase.

In Russia and the CIS countries, two versions of the game are officially accessed:
1. In the jevel-pack (500 rubles). It includes a subscription for 4 months of online and offline games.
2. In the DVD-box (1000 rubles). Along with the subscription for the year.


The subscription is valid both for online and for playing the campaign. Therefore, after four months (or a year) after the activation of the game, it will be necessary to improve it to a common European version or pay a monthly subscription fee. The cost of improvement and subscription fees is still unknown.

I recommend to buy you a key for the European version, which costs 2150 rubles, but there are no limits on it. And you will play on more civilized European servers.

You can wait for the coveted disc, or you can simply buy a key, activate it in Battle.Net, download the game and play.

Where to buy a key?

There are a lot of options. In principle, the most popular stores that specialize in selling keys for Steam can already do this.

For example - IgroMagaz and many other stores in the system Plati.ru.

I have a clue what to do with it?

Activate in your account on Battle.Net . If it is not yet - register, of course :)
The key is entered here: https://eu.battle.net/account/management/add-game.html

What's next?

We download the game client with the language you need. By the way, any of the three keys (from jewel, dvd-box and European version) supports the Russian language.
The game installer is for both Windows and Mac versions.

Hint: the client can also be downloaded from Rutracker.org , the speed is higher there, and the client itself is quite official.


Profit! :)
It remains only to wait until these 7 GB client games are finally downloaded to enter the game.

PS: I hope you are on vacation.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100239/

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