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Netgear WNR3500 Router Overview

Moscow. Summer. Heat. In such conditions, it’s not that a man, even iron refuses to work. So my old Trendnet Tew-633GR router completely refused to perform the functions assigned to it.

He was replaced by the new Netgear WNR3500 wireless router. About him and will be discussed further.


Many work colleagues blame me for this kind of purchase. They say: “Why do you need such a router? You have a server at home, you're an IT person anyway. All this can be configured in a couple of hours. And no investment!

But I disagree with this point of view. Lazy me I want to at least no worries at home. Unpacked, plugged into the network, connected network cables, set up the Internet, changed the password. And that's it!

And you will not believe. With the new router it happened! About half an hour I spent on the installation, photographing, setting up and eating ice cream. And no problems for the next 2 years - a guarantee for this period.


Netgear WNR3500 looks in the same style as most of the manufacturer’s products. Black body with glossy inserts. I do not like the gloss - it is marquee. Behind there are 5 Gigabit RJ-45 ports: one WAN (Internet cable) and 4 LAN, the Power and Restore button. There are 7 indicators in front: power, internet connection, wi-fi, lan (4 one for each computer on the network). And the Push 'N' Connect button, thanks to which it is easier to connect devices via wi-fi.


Having connected the router, typing _http: //routerlogin.net/ (without underscore) in the address bar of the browser, having logged in (by default login: admin, password: password) I got into the admin panel of the router. I will say the design is not very beautiful, but comfortable. Particularly pleased: the ability to select a language that was immediately downloaded from the Internet, an automatic check for new firmware, help for each item of settings. By the way, trendnet has worse things: no choice of language, no help, no automatic update. Also, my model was removed from the list of products on the official website.

Otherwise, the settings are standard for routers of this type: Internet connection settings, routing, traffic counter, dhcp settings, bandwidth limit, site limit, wi-fi and much more.


There was no time to test the speed. Therefore, costing test torrent'a download. He surprised me. The download speed of the torrent on the old router rarely exceeded 1.2 Mb / s, while on the new one it reached 9.8 Mb / s.

Coverage wi-fi antennas judging by the indicators on the laptop is very good. Where previously there were 3 divisions out of 5, it is now completely filled. The speed from 60 Mbit / s has risen to 146 Mbit / s.

image Advantages and disadvantages

+ Attractive appearance;
+ Simple and convenient admin panel;
+ Speed;
+ Noiselessness;
+ Beautiful indicators;
- Glossy surface;


I liked the Netgear WNR3500 wireless router. I do not regret the purchase. And I advise him to all those who are too lazy to raise the server for this kind of need or who simply do not know how to do it and (or) do not want.
Convenience pays off! After all, it is better to spend your free time with your loved ones! IMHO, of course.

I completely forgot. All those. Characteristics can be viewed on the off. site here .

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