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MIT researchers can make internet hundreds of times faster

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a technology that they say can not only make the Internet much faster, but also make high-speed data transfer cheaper.

According to Vincent Chan, the head of the study, the whole idea is routers. The study showed that replacing electrical signals inside routers with faster optical signals would make the Internet 100 or even 1000 times faster, while consuming less energy.

Today's routers have difficulty with incoming fiber-optic signals, in many cases due to optical signals coming from different directions at the same time. Therefore, these signals are converted to electrical, so that they could be stored in memory before further processing. Electrical signals are subsequently converted back into optical signals so that they can be sent.
The whole process spends too much time and energy. Vincent Chan and his team have developed a technology that will help get rid of numerous conversions.

It is to provide a direct path between locations that share large amounts of information. The researchers explain that new routers will receive signals coming from only one direction. Consequently, optical signals will not go from different directions at the same time, so the need to convert and store signals will disappear.

Used original in English: www.computerworld.com/s/article/9178751/MIT_researchers_promise_an_Internet_that_s_100x_faster_and_cheaper?taxonomyId=167&pageNumber=2

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