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Symfony Code'n'Coffe (August) Moscow

Continuing my own initiative, I want to announce the next event, which will be held on August 7 on Saturday at 12:00.
I did not want to postpone until August, but on July 30 I go to Startup Weekend . Anyone can join .

A few words about how the first event went.

I get pretty dry, so with the permission of ukko I will publish his report:

At the event of such a plan (code and coffee), I was for the first time and I really liked the idea when you highlight one day a week, when you can come and practice your code. Write, communicate and exchange opinions and ideas.
Also, I was very interested to know that people are facing some questions for the first time, which you have already decided long ago and you have the answer to their question, i.e. when you can help others by talking about your experiences. In general, just the same story story :)
The undoubted advantage is familiarity with intelligent, interesting and curious people. Useful links and everything ...
Max still explained a lot and told people how to use all sorts of buns and what is mega-cool, showed it all on live, working code. Remember, here is the beauty of such meetings!
Really yuzfulny scheme - pair programming through TDD. It is especially useful when one participant needs to enter the project, and another to explain the scheme of work of this miracle.
From the outside it looks like this:
A guru (a more experienced comrade) writes a simple functional test, then Padavan writes code that passes this test at the same computer. Next, the guru appends a part of the test, and the second - appends the program so that the test does not fall. Thus, there is a gradual immersion of the novice in the code under the strict supervision of the elder.
And if there is an idea that you are going to a similar meeting with a friend, then you can think of only one laptop.

Making a conclusion about the event, you can include a bit of marketing nonsense:
Free yourself 1 day from worldly troubles! Come and see your open source project with complete strangers or raise a startup with your friends! Communicate! Share your experiences! Who wants - he can get drunk after ... :)
And if someone is tired of my text wimp, then here are the dry numbers:
- Hours spent: 7 hours
- Spent money: 640 p.
- Drink drinks: 3 pcs.
- Pechenyuzhek: 0 pcs :(
- New acquaintances: 2 people.
- Solved problems: 1 task for a new project for me
- Toilet: 1 time
- Metro: 2 trips

I will add here my own conclusions, which I want to study on the next coffee maker ...
1. Megapodrobnaya location map, how to pass, whom to ask, where to go and climb
2. Check the organizers first place. And then we were smoked with music and prices from the first place :)
3. More active PR, newsletter, etc. I really wanted to see the people who were at the symphony conference.
4. It is necessary to explain to the people what such gatherings for professional activity mean. What useful contacts they gain in them, experience. Knowledge Exchange…
5. You can come up with projects that are interesting for people to solve. Let them come and do it during such meetings. Invaluable experience, and the result that you can just feel without leaving the box office.

UPD : A few words from Sergey Orlov:

I was at the last meeting and I will definitely be at the next one.
What are they for me?
Get information from people who, every day in practice, work with technologies that you just read about yourself and would really like to use, but there is always not enough time :).
Ask a question, a five-minute answer to which can save you from having to dig into the source code and google search.
See the development process more intelligent and better than their own.
And the most important thing is to talk about your favorite business, in a calm and comfortable atmosphere :).
And then you can try to do the same for someone, help, discover something new.
Come on in, it's worth it.

Recorded on the event page .
Also, anyone who wants to be aware of, I recommend to subscribe to the Russian newsletter . All subsequent events I will announce there. I plan to meet every 2-3 weeks. In general, every week I can be found in some cafe.

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