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About one advertising technology

image Initially, there were no shark-capitalistic tasks at all. No, it’s not that the pioneers take money. Even as they take. It was just clearly understood that you could not see the sky in diamonds from the semi-provincial site . Perspective is not the same. Historically, a mega-resource of a rural type receives visitors almost in splendid isolation. Every day, the server bends under an unthinkable load almost in a tyshshu man. In the real world, which is outside the window, life moves more alive. The invisible hand of the market regularly pushes those or other suppliers of various goods and services to resort to all sorts of advertising tricks. Here and on the site they sometimes ask to hang up an advertisement, but the fuss with such requests each time turned out more than the desired material reward. You work as a Bolshevik-Stakhanovite, almost an hour, two a day, and zero sense. Tosca, in a word.

At one time there were attempts to work with the context. First, the runner was abused. I really do not remember who then raped anyone. Most likely, he us. Abandoned him quickly. Then it came to AdSense. Most recently already. Text banners were successfully posted on the forum, where, as it is not difficult to guess, they were enthusiastically received by the local Internet elite. The elite, as is known, is concerned only with the fact that it places ads on websites. As the classic said, he eats parfe and shit marshmallows. Because she knows from the basement how it really should be. We were eloquently told about who we are after this and as soon as our conscience allowed us to stick in an advertisement on their favorite forum. It should be noted that in order to achieve selfish goals with maximum efficiency, this advertisement was placed just above the messages of the first and last post of each page of the topic, masqueradingly under the text of the message itself. Visitors deftly recognized the dirty trick and didn’t want to poke at the advertisement, obviously, not understanding the whole charm of selling links. In such a way Guards in the first two days, they earned 15 dollars. Simple mathematical operations required a certain clearing of a place in a wallet. Over the next six months, we managed to collect an unprecedented total of $ 35 in total. This includes those 15. Feeling after this advertising tycoons and celebrating a great achievement, contextual advertising was completely demolished. Elite exulted.

As time went on, the galaxy was still not captured. The subtle intuition of the commander made it clear that some other technology on the Internet was clearly lacking. Since, if this were not the case, the coveted Hummer would have been waiting in the underground garage of his own castle on Rublevka long ago. It was necessary to do something. Whether it is conceivable to work is 1000 people a day to take, and the money on an offshore account in Guadeloupe is hard to get to pay for the welfare of Beeline.
Beginning in 2009, in the depths of the best brain of the planet, little by little, a new format began to emerge, which, after birth, was intended to destroy all advertising technologies, showing their negligible efficiency. First of all, the visitors themselves should add advertising to the site. They will do it right on the spot, without departing, so to speak, from the ticket office and without resorting to the service of a world-famous internet specialist. And somehow you need to think so that you do not write all garbage, as on the fence around your beloved city. Everything should be done strictly in the case and with a minimum of moderation. A respected person comes to the site, sees that people are not just like that, but they share advertising with other interesting things. Immediately it easily detects and presses the "place ad" button. As everyone knows for sure, a respected person always has something to say. Immediately recall the alphabet and the text is written. If necessary, a photographic masterpiece is added to the message, and if someone is already a guru, maybe a link can be inserted under the text.

Being by its nature an advertisement, a new technology implies a material reward. Since mankind invented money a long time ago, the choice of the nature of remuneration is usually predetermined, but in what way can a respected person pay for an advertisement with a minimum fee? So for sure? There are some problems with this. Everyone knows that if most people are familiar with the alphabet even in school, there are not that many of them in “you” with such new words in Russian as WebMoney or Yandex.Money. Moreover, in the presence of normal people familiar with the Internet in the feature film “The Matrix”, these words should not be uttered aloud. Bank cards in recent years, although they do not cause shock in a multinational state, they still somehow do not really complain about their compatriots. Besides, finding a processing center that is ready to work with our gigantic volumes turned out to be impossible. As a result, as the first main payment instrument, the choice fell on payment by sending SMS messages to short numbers. Something that everyone has a cell phone now. The beautiful decision was overshadowed by the heroes of the cellular companies, who take half the money themselves. Already hair stand on end from such a margin, but in amounts of tens and hundreds of rubles it does not result in heart attacks. By the way, money has another extremely useful property. As soon as you have to pay for something, the number of idiots who want to just check in and repeatedly at the same time is sharply reduced. The issue of moderation and the flow of free ads is indirectly solved. Again, paid ads hang in a prominent and interesting place for much longer than their free counterparts, causing warm feelings among owners of thick wallets. The ads themselves on the subject and content are closer to the audience of the site. What kind of crazy person would post an ad for the sale of the Himalayan hominy on the Krasnoznamensk site, paying 70 rubles for the ad? Although, who knows ...

For the first time the format was launched in spring 2009 on the start page of the site. The trial was successful. Since then, the appearance of ads has not changed much. For the same half of the year that AdSense was hanging on the forum, the announcements earned about 5,000 rubles, which in translation to the sugostat currency turned out to be about $ 180 against $ 35 for AdSense. As they say, our Uryupinsk bypassed Bobruisk as a standing one. As a result, in the late autumn of 2009, a strategic decision was made to introduce the planet to advanced technology. Through heroic efforts, within half a year, the project addnow.ru was created . From now on, any site owner can organize in a few minutes what it took us several years to do.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100214/

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